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(August 13, 2015) Presented by Don Galvez, Esq., Alex Khoury, Esq. and Paul Zimmerman, Esq. via Webinar. In this 60-minute WebEx, our speakers discussed how to prepare your cyber security plan by executing the following: Factors of good retention & deletion policies, Change default credentials and avoid shared credentials, Protecting against social engineering and manipulation and Creating an incident response plan,.


(September 3, 2015) Presented by Don Galvez, Esq., Alex Khoury, Esq. and Paul Zimmerman, Esq. via Webinar. In this 60-minute WebEx, our speakers discussed: What is Cyber Liability Insurance? How do you find the best Cyber Liability Insurance policy? How should you negotiate sublimits? How do you address coverage gaps? How can you curb risks going forward?


(October 29, 2015) Presented by Judge Michael Putnam, Paul Zimmerman, Esq. and Melissa Rogozinski, Statewide in Alabama. In this 90-minute CLE, our speakers discuss: Acknowledging the Reality of ESI, Standard for Malpractice, Fear Factors, Competence & Cooperation, Preservation & Privilege.


(March 14, 2014) Presented by Scott Dangler, Esq. and Ben Acuff, Esq. in Tampa, FL. Legal speaks in Latin and IT speaks in Greek; teaching the two to communicate has its inherent challenges, such as lingo, objectives, roles, and responsibilities. This presentation offers tips for success in identifying and interviewing custodians, developing a litigation hold compliance plan, determining the scope of relevant documents, and performing a privilege review…


(May 6, 2014) Presented by Donna Chesteen, Esq. and Jim Lancaster in Orlando, Florida. BYOD (or Bring Your Own Device), although popular for many reasons, presents challenges and risks. This presentation provides a detailed examination of the most common pitfalls of BYOD, such as: not part of the company network, different types of devices, data breach and security issues, proprietary data on personal devices, data storage, employment issues, data ownership, eDiscovery and forensic issues…


(May 9, 2014) Presented by Tessa Jacob, Esq. and John Benson, Esq. in Kansas City, MO. An introduction of eDiscovery case management addressing the communication barriers between legal and IT, identifying and interviewing custodians, preparing a legal hold, working with clients on ESI requests, and vendor selection…

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