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Best Practices in Selecting an Enterprise E-Discovery Solution


Ten Common Pitfalls of eDiscovery & Document Review


Are All E-Discovery Platforms the Same

Predictive Ranking for the Real World

Duel of the e-Discovery Dollars – Cloud v Appliance

Plaintiff Ordered to Make its Production Conform to Rule 34 – eDiscovery Case Law


A Comprehensive Approach to Discovery Response Planning

FRCP26(G): Understanding Your e-Discovery Certification Obligations

Lawyer’s Guide to Electronic Discovery Project Management


Self-Collection: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly


Advice from Counsel – Measuring Your eDiscovery Program Against Industry, 2015

The Experts Weigh In: E-Discovery Strategies for International Anti-Bribery Investigations


7 Things All Law Firms Should Know about HIPAA

Use of Analytics in Review



Choosing the Right Project Manager for E-Discovery: 5 Must-Have Skills


Want to Be My Friend? Social Media, E-Discovery And Ethics

Intelligent Review Technology: Improving the Practice of Document Review in Legal Discovery

Early Data Assessment (EDA): Setting the Standard in E-Discovery Readiness

Intelligent Review Technology Saves Client Almost $200,000 in Review Costs

City of Phoenix Leverages Kroll Ontrack and its Flexible Service Model to Manage Unique E-discovery Challenge

logikcull-logo-colorDiscovery Malpractice: Five Common Causes & How Smart Litigators Can Avoid Them


Discovery As A Process


5 Tips to Keep Your Social Media-Addicted Clients Out of Jail

10 Steps to Social Media Discovery Readiness

Directing Multi-District Litigation

e-Discovery Turns 25: Why Are Lawyers Still Ignoring It?

Managing eDiscovery in the Cloud

Meet & Confer Conferences: Best Practice Guide

Potecting Privilege: A Best Practice Guide

Small Firm eDiscovery: Leveling the Playing Field

When Lawyers Attack: 9 e-Discovery Tips to Turn Any Trial to Your Advantage


EMC Paragon Case Study

Mindseye Case Study


Predictive Coding Explained


Review Acceleration: Leveraging Language to Streamline e-Discovery

A Language-Based Analytics Case Study: Negotiating Keywords with Clarity


Emerging Case Law – Computer-Assisted Review (09/24/13)

ESI Roundtable

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