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“ESI Roundtable consistently produces content that is practical, useful and relevant to professionals who are struggling to find solutions to everyday eDiscovery problems.”

Chris Dix, Esq., Smith Hulsey & Busey

“It’s always so refreshing to get out of Litigation’s natural and necessary adversarial mindset and have honest discussions about issues we all face.  ESI Roundtable is a wonderful way of acquiring valuable ESI experience while meeting people on both sides of the Bar to learn perspectives and build trust.”

Julie Bracker, Esq., Bothwell Bracker

“I am pleased to see the continued presence of your organization in the Atlanta area. I have found your events to provide information valuable to both attorneys and judges dealing with ESI issues. I look forward to attending more of your seminars.”

Judge Joe Iannazzone, Gwinnett County, Georgia

“This program was informative, on a timely topic, presented in an energetic, upbeat manner. Experienced panel and participants. The [Decade of Discovery] film provided excellent background and context, from the players that have shaped the law relating to ESI in litigation. ESI Roundtable provides excellent resources in e-discovery for practitioners.”

Alan Lubel, Esq.

“ESIRT always has some of the best and most informative webinars and information.”

Peter Bennett, Paralegal at Mayer Brown LLP

 “ESI Roundtable is doing a fantastic piece of work within the eDiscovery industry.  ESIRT should feel very proud of what it has accomplished.”

Rich Slaby, Renew Data

“I have been to several bad CLE seminars over the last few years – where speakers did not speak on topic or just read the material.  But, the ESI seminar was really, really good!  I was very pleased with the ESI seminar and very happy that I attended.  The speakers were great and the panel was also great!  Good information, very knowledgeable speakers, and good presentation.  Thanks!”

Steve Parker, Esq., Harmon, Woods, Parker & Abrunzo

 “I recently attended my first ESI Roundtable event, which included an excellent CLE presentation on deposing e-discovery witnesses. The event was attended by reputable local professionals, and I was introduced to two who may be exactly the people needed on projects I am handling for my company. Needless to say, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of the event and the skillful way in which it was organized, as well as with the professionals in attendance and the networking opportunities presented. I intend to make as many of the future ESI Roundtable events as my schedule permits, and recommend without reservation that my friends and colleagues do likewise.”

Paul Garrison, Corporate Counsel, Infinity Insurance

“I have regularly participated in the ESI Roundtable Seminars over the past year, and can say, without hesitation, that this program has had an immediate impact on my commercial litigation practice, much more so than other CLE’s I’ve attended The advice from the Judges and Experts on the Panel is both timely and relevant, and has enabled me to effectively argue or negotiate ESI issues in pending litigation. This a tremendous service to the Bench and Bar!”

Joe A. Joseph, Esq., Burr & Forman, LLP

 “How do you convince a group of lawyers with competing interests to work together for a common goal?  Melissa is a creative problem-solver affording her a “can-do” attitude.  Her positivism is contagious and encourages others around her to be the best they can be.  Everyone she asked to participate on the Roundtable agreed.  Melissa orchestrated this group with finesse and focus.  She selected the participants, stated the objective, rallied support, influenced collaboration and organized monthly programs…[the ESI Roundtable has] led a group of people who did not even know they needed to be led – this is the highest form of leadership.”

Allison O. Skinner, Esq., Skinner Neutral Services & Co-Founder of the American College of e-Neutrals

“The ESI Roundtable is an innovative forum that brings together electronic legal discovery professionals from all backgrounds.   As a result of my involvement as a member of the ESI Roundtable, I have increased my knowledge of electronic discovery…and have become more marketable and successful within my professional career.”

Justin Ladner, Esq., Southern Company

“Congratulations on a good roundtable session.  It was a lively discussion with representatives from all sectors of the business.  In additional to being informative, I also thought it a great networking opportunity.”

Scott Foster, FTI Consulting

 “The ESI Roundtable has done an incredible job of bringing together groups of legal professionals with diverse experience in the ESI field and guiding our development of a series of seminars aimed at educating lawyers in the Birmingham area on this rapidly evolving field.  I have personally benefitted greatly from being included in this group – both from the additional knowledge I have learned about the subject in a short space of time, but also from getting to meet legal professionals I did not previously know, who become good friends and colleagues.”

 Hon. Patrick J. Ballard, Esq.

“The ESI Roundtable has become a staple for lawyers wanting to know about the nuances of “chasing paper” that is stored in many forms and various pieces of hardware – things lawyers never considered before.  The idea is simple: provide educational opportunities for lawyers on various subjects dealing with ESI.  In practice it is more difficult:  requiring organization, salesmanship, presentation and perseverance.    Melissa is skilled with people, professional and a woman of character.”

John F. Whitaker, Esq., Whitaker Mudd Luke & Wells

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